New BMW 6 Series Coupe, hoppss that’s a Cabrio!

In my blog I don’t like to talk about new cars and their features, because you can find all these information nearly in everywhere. However sometimes there are some exceptions like new BMW 6 Series. Last week BMW revealed the pictures of new 6 Series cabrio, not coupe! Usual car companies reveal the coupe models first and later they reveal the cabrio. This time BMW did the opposite and revealed the cabrio!
It will have all the BMW technology which you can find in 7 Series. Active steering, active something, active that thing. You can read the details from their press release. The distinctive thing with the new 6 Series is the interior. Usually BMW does not offer this good interior, okay BMW is a luxury brand it is not Aston Martin! Let’s be reasonable, BMW is also producing something called 1 Series! This time they changed everything in this segment. The interior is exquisite, even the Bentley Continental GT does not offer this beautiful interior design. Also the material combination is excellent, nowadays car manufacturers place an aluminium which was left unused in warehouse and offer as something interesting. Always you can understand that the metal part attached to interior is to create a more luxury impression, which never does! New BMW 6 Series interior is a very good example for how to combine different materials in a harmony and don’t create any irritating look.
Actually I don’t mind the engine size or acceleration performance with this interior is good to hinder the technical facts!
Press Release 

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