New Jeep Grand Cherokee by Fiat

I am sure most of you heard the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. One of the most senseless SUVs on earth. More than one decade ago, it was very popular and “cool”! Because, there were no proper alternative and we weren’t able to compare Grand Cherokee with something else and it was cheap like today. However, lots of things have changed since 1997! Silicon Valley nerds introduced an electric car called Tesla, we cannot live without Google and socialize with Facebook.
As you can see, nothing is the same but the Cherokee is same :) I have no idea how they managed to do this but it is the same thing. Okay, they added some new features but the concept is the same. Also Chrysler (Jeep) is now owned by Fiat and I was expecting to see something much better. The tendency to write this article came from the five-speed automatic transmission technology of Grand Cherokee!
I want to discuss it very basically, this is a pre-historic technology. It is as old as DaVinci’s designs, also I am suspecting he might have designed the first five-speed automatic transmission! So this is not something good to feature in a brand new car but Jeep made it. Now the sales are going well as I read on Financial Times but I have never seen this car in Europe. I think it is doing well in US not in somewhere, may be in China.
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