Range Rover 1 000 000th

As part of my social sensitivity, I wanted to publish the news about the 1 000 000th Range Rover. You didn’t read wrong, it is the one millionth Range Rover on earth. Unfortunately I learned this news from a random YouTube video. I checked the media website of Land Rover but there was nothing! So, I decided to publish the news to people who are searching things on Google :)
This Range Rover is an Autobiography model, many of you never heard of this and probably thought I wrote something wrong. But there is an Autobiography model and that’s normal that many of you never heard of this. Because, it is very rare and very expensive. Actually everything is special with this car, the leather, the wood, colour options. You can create your combination with no problem and nearly all of the extras are standard. And engines are the same!
Unfortunately you cannot buy this Range Rover in your nearest Land Rover dealer. You have to join the auction to own this vehicle. The auction is held by Help for Heroes, actually Land Rover donated this vehicle to charity. If you are interested to own the 1 000 000th Range Rover, start saving cash for the auction.
Actually the 999 999th and 1 000 001th models are fine also, I won’t be bothered to drive a 999 999th Range Rover. But it may not be an Autobiography, may it is a red basic Range Rover with boring wheel :)

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