Secrets of Ferrari Formula One Team !

All the time we are exposed to TV programmes like “Secret of Formula One”. And they are always showing footages from air tunnels, engines parts, manufacturing and very similar things. But none of them tells anything about the Formula 1 Crew! Formula 1 is not just a pilot and its team manager, there are lots of people behind this show and we only a few of them on TV.
Recently, I learned a secret about Ferrari Formula 1 Team! The most secret information of Formula One world. No, they are not using alien technology or anti-gravity! They have the same technology as we have, or people who have Ferrari. I don’t think we can afford for Ferrari’s technology!
I chat with Ferrari through their Twitter account. They were waiting for their flight in airport. I thought they were waiting for their Ferrari Team jet but they weren’t waiting for this. So I thought, they might be waiting for their first or business class journey but no again! Unfortunately the whole team travels with economic class ticket!
Can you imagine this? They are the real people who achieved the Ferrari Team to be champion and promoted the sales of Ferrari cars but they travel in economic class! Come on Ferrari Spa, you can do better than economic class. I know it would be “expensive” but you are not a small Formula One team which is struggling on tight budget. Give these people proper business class tickets to relax during their trips :)
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