Toyota’s interesting equipment !

I really don’t like to write about Toyota’s creative abilities on marketing! Actually I don’t like to write anything about Toyota, because I don’t like it. I know this is a not a respectful view, if I was a journalist but I am not! However I do like something with Toyota label, and it is called Land Cruiser.
A decade ago, when the SUVs were totally different and Google was not that popular, Land Cruiser was one of the best alternatives on market. It had everything and it had a competitive price. At those times, I had sympathy to Land Cruiser but time has passed, people left their Yahoo mail accounts and started using Gmail, Lady Gaga became popular, every German car company offers an SUV. Basically everything has changed, except Land Cruiser! Toyota still offers terrible, stupid and inefficient diesel engines, plastic interior, wobbling suspension system and offers digital clock, door ajar warning, key-in warning! The best is coming :) Fuel indicator with low fuel warning ! Vawwwwww, welcome to Toyota’s perception to 21th century. Fuel indicator with low fuel warning, I have nothing to say. They wrote this on their website under equipment section. I really wonder which car does not have a fuel indicator? I only want one example? Even the cheap Tata Nano has one.
I think they just want to fill the empty space on their website and they wrote whatever they saw inside the car. Wheels, lights, indicators, doors, windows, engine, brakes. This must be a joke, because there is no relevant explanation for this. Of course the tragedy did not stop here, the new technology diesel engine is a joke also. I cannot under the Toyota’s perception to new technology, three litre turbo diesel engine which produces only 172 horse powers. BMW 320d has more horses than Land Cruiser. I know their explanation , but our engine offers more torque on somewhere more economy and etc…

Basically, if you wish to stop using Google, stop listening Lady Gaga, and switch to modem based internet connection you should buy a Land Cruiser :)

Toyota Land Cruiser Equipments
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