780 gr Netbook = Audi A3

I just can’t understand why technological gadgets are so expensive. I do know that answer, they are complicated technology and research & development investments must be cleared. That’s okay but sometime they are pointlessly so expensive. Especially the Sony Vaio X Netbook. This is a new netbook from Sony which is only 0,78kg not even a kilo! I tried this netbook, it is extremely light. You cannot even feel it. On the other hand, that’s a netbook with a slow CPU. Everything you are paying for less weight. This extremely light technology is around € 1900.

What can we have for €1900 in terms car? Very quick answer you can buy a 2000 or 2001 model Audi A3! A car with four doors, one engine and four wheels. Even though I don’t like Audis, it is not a bad brand and it will survive more than the netbook. Also it won’t be depreciated like a one year old netbook. Next year, this netbook will be half price may be it won’t be available. So its price will dive into bottom. But A3 will be costing very similar to this price.

I have nothing to say.
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