Aston Martin iPhone Application

Today we finally have iPhone application for Aston Martin. Actually I was waiting for this application for long time. And my curiosity was getting higher and higher after each twitter post from Aston Martin about the application. Aston Martin was talking about the application and some preview pictures were posted but that was all. Basically, it made everyone more excited to wait for the release!
In overall, the application is great and offers everything about Aston Martin in a very cleaver design. After this application you may not visit the website that often. It has everything and updates through internet :) But I could not manage to use accelerometer properly. I did some movements but it wasn’t that successful to rev the engine. If I could manage to use it properly, I will write it here.

I don’t want talk too much about the application. Just enjoy the application :) And it is “free” :)

Aston Martin iPhone application in iTunes