Easy Virtue

Last I was watching the movie Easy Virtue (Starring Colin Firth, Jessica Biel). It was originally shot by Alfred Hitchcock in 1928 but I didn’t have chance to watch it. When I started watching this movie I was not expecting to see a grand prix racing at Monte Carlo in 1930s. The first minutes of the movie starts with nostalgic grand prix race in Monte Carlo. And at that moment, this movie caught my attention! However the involvement of cars was not limited with the race sequence. After the race, Jessica Biel drives BMW 328. I am not sure about the model but I think that is a 328! And this means the time is after 1936! Actually I am not sure about this, if I found reliable information I will share it here.
After watching the movie, I searched YouTube for vintage racing footages. And I found some :) And I also shocked! The safety measures were nothing at those times, I am not talking about safety car. There is not seat belt, no safety barrier, no safety flags, cars don’t have any safety. And drivers were dying during the race and it was mentioned like something very normal. When you consider contemporary races, drivers at those times would not consider as a real race. Like many people I always respect the drivers in early years of motor racing. Winning and losing was so tightly attached with living and dying, I think we cannot understand how it feels to race those times. By the way in one of the footage, Alfa Romeo was taking over the Bugatti !

I hope you will enjoy the nostalgic Grand Prix race :)