Endless show: Fast & Furious

I was thinking the Fast and Furious nightmare was ended but I was wrong! Honestly, I have never liked any Fast & Furious movies. Okay, the first was nice and they should have finished there but the Fast & Furious turned into a black hole. I mean Fast & Furious turned into an endless loop. Fast Five is the fifth version of Fast & Furious. You can guess the scenario! There are lots of heavily modified, unknown cars. They running from someone, they are carrying something and drivers are shouting. Lots of dull 3D effects and etc, etc.
There is one thing is more boring that a Toyota is Fast & Furious! And I have a suggestion for next movie. As you know that, environmental cars became more popular and especially in US. For the six movie they should name is Slow & Calm, and they should place heavily modified hybrid cars :)