Four wheel drive: Mercedes-Benz SLK

Recently I started to remember my old memories from car magazine from end of 1990s. Unfortunately time is passing quicker than we expected, 1999 seems like last year but it is more than ten years. For that reason, I am trying to write any eccentric news from the past. As far as I see Mercedes A190 Twin received a huge reader :) And now I would like to announce the most eccentric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz! The only four-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz SLK from 1999.

Yes, that’s true! There is a four-wheel drive SLK and it is not fake! Actually that’s a short chassis G Class with SLK fitting. As far as I remember, the roof was also functioning properly. Mercedes designers did not lose their mind and wanted to create something very weird. This car was being made for Jim Rogers and Paige Parker for their three years journey around the world.

Car is powered by a 3-Litre turbo diesel engine which produced only 177 horsepower and generating 330 Nm of torque (Now Alfa Romeo MiTo 1,6 Diesel generate 320Nm torque!). Three lockable differentials with permanent four-wheel drive system. I don’t think it had ESP! May be ASR but I am not sure. And a huge 146-lt fuel tank.

As I found out from internet, journey started on January 1st, 1999 and finished on January 5th, 2002. And you can see this car in Mercedes Benz Classic Car Center, Irvine, California.

I think this is the weirdest car from last century, a coupe/cabrio with three lockable differentials. So don’t be shocked, when you see more “interesting” vehicles from Mercedes-Benz.

Pictures’ Copyright:
Flickr, Mercedes-Benz