Mercedes-Benz Autumun Winter 2010/11 Collection

Flash news!!!
Mercedes-Benz headquaters announced their addiction, 4MATIC. This is the four-wheel drive system for Mercedes vehicles. You can have 4MATIC with C, E, S, CL, and R Class. Now you can have it with CLS!
Mercedes is offering every technology in their whole model range and making the cars more boring and functional. Like Swiss Army knifes, they are useful but boring! Functionality and excitement may not happen at the same time. But I really like the CLS 4MATIC, absolutely better than E 4MATIC ;)

If you are planning to buy a E Class 4MATIC, just wait for CLS 4MATIC to arrive. It is available with 350 CDI and 500 engine ranges. And this makes the CLS 350CDI 4MATIC is the best Mercedes to buy and has the largest amount letter at back :)

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