My Blog is One Year Old

Yesterday was the first year of my blog. Exactly one year ago, suddenly I started a blog about car and life. Actually I was thinking about this for long time but I received main encouragement from Alan Mitchell. I met him Nottingham around two years ago and he advised me to express my ideas on a blog. And I did it!
In one year time, I received 8200 visitors from 115 different countries. With a basic mathematics, my blog was read by nearly sixty percentage of the world. I think this is not a bad number for a car blog. Another fact on my blog is the number page views; 8200 visitors read 13468 pages! And I would like to thank my reader from Google Inc for reading my blog nearly eight hours. I think he left the browser open for “very” long time. Unless, he/she knows my blog better than I do :)
How many posts did I make? 407.
I would like to thank everyone who tweet my blog on twitter and placed my blog as a link in forums. Also I would like to thank Mercedes-Benz for their ambition on research & development and for their interesting product :) I am sorry to pulling your leg all the time but your cars are excellent in terms of technology. Moreover, I would like to thank Land Rover PR team for their kindness. Unfortunately I still did not see a real Evoque yet :)