New Ford Focus Charity Campaign

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to Ford Focus Global Drive event in London. This was my first event as a blogger. Event took place in Hub, London and it has an excellent interior; a good place for my first event. Unfortunately, this event did not have the new Ford Focus, it was about the Global Drive campaign.
You might wonder what Global Drive is! We all know what Ford Focus is :) Global Drive is a campaign to donate $10 000 to a charity. This campaign does not finish here, in addition to support a charity you will have chance to drive the new Ford Focus in Spain :) And the costs are covered by Ford. Sounds great!
What you have to do? Go to your Facebook page and type this to your address bar then Like it :) And does this “create a video that is no longer than 2 minutes explaining why you want to be one of the first to test drive the 2012 Ford Focus and how you’d start something more for a good cause with the local market equivalent of $10,000 (USD). Be creative!” That’s all :)
Did I upload it? I will ;)

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