Ready for Snow?

Nowadays in UK it started to snow. Actually north parts of UK are very familiar with the snow but, I cannot say the same thing for the rest of the UK. People still don’t know what to do while driving in snow. Basically, it is more fun than normal road condition, if you have proper tyres. If you don’t have proper tyres, it will be an interesting adventure.
However if you own a Land Rover vehicle and replaced your tyres with proper tyres. You don’t need to worry about the snow because, Land Rover’s know how to drive in snow. They are trained at Coventry for how to drive in snow, mud, rock, sand, grass and etc. Actually there is feature called Terrain Response, many owners don’t know it, which has pre-defined road conditions for very traction. You just select the appropriate terrain and whole electronic systems adjust its parameters.
For nowadays in UK, you should select Snow mode and don’t worry for anything. More basically, this system turns high heels into Wellington boots, t-shirt and jeans into suit :)

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Burberry, Land Rover, Paul Smith