Renault’s Hip Hop Bag

Pushing the limits of design, in terms of creativity sometimes cause terrible products. In terms of design, Renault is one of the very well respect company for concept cars and terrible at transferring to production. I don’t know how they manage to destroy a concept car in manufacturing process but it should be thought in operations management lecture as a case.
Renault Wind Roadster is a very good example for ugly Renault design. Actually the concept car version was also ugly. Anyway, I never noticed this car on advertisements. There were many in everywhere but the car was looking so weird and it never caught my attention. However it reminded me something very similar to this, Louis Vuitton Géronimos hip bag. This hip bag has the same characteristics as the Wind Roadster, looks weird and don’t know what to do with it. I have no idea how to use this bag for in men fashion, this product is present under “men” section not “women”.
Wind Roadster shares one more interesting with Ferrari 575 Superamerica. They both share the 180 degree turnable hard top. You just push a button and top of the car moves to top of the boot. In Ferrari, there was not cover and when you want to close your top, you will have the bird poo inside your side. Hopefully Renault did place a cover to prevent this unpleasant experience. Still Wind Roadster is ugly and probably it will disappear after end of its life-cycle.