Aston Maybach Martin

Mercedes Maybach is the second thing which entered our life after Google. I still remember the time when I first saw the Maybach concept in newspaper on 1997. At those times, Google was a concept inside their founders’ minds, basically they started from the same point. They became popular in year 2000, and Google increased its popularity more than Paris Hilton. However Maybach lost and lost and lost each year. Whatever Mercedes did to save Maybach did not work.
Daimler never published exact number of Maybachs sold but the sales were terrible. In UK, it was only two digits while the Rolls Royce achieved three digit sales at the same. There are lots of reasons for this failure. Maybach had lots of problems, it was based on a previous S Class and interior was a posh interpretation of the same old car. Maybach was packed with lots of technology even though the consumers were not aware of them. Customers did not buy these segment cars for their technology, they buy it for their prestige and Mercedes slightly missed this point! Meanwhile, Rolls Royce and Bentley increased their sales and rumours about Maybach emerged! Mercedes will stop producing Maybach! Actually it was very reasonable, sales were terrible and nearly pointless to introduce a new model.
However Mercedes did not give up and end up with a great idea. Make a deal with Aston Martin, this deal includes; Mercedes shares its engine technology with Aston Martin and Aston Martin designs the new Maybach. I think this is one of the best decision ever made for Maybach. Aston Martin is excellent on designing cars and it is proofed by the solid sales performance. So, Aston Martin based design for Maybach is a great idea but it would make the Maybach’s brand identity more complicated! This car is designed by Aston Martin and technology made by Mercedes. It sounds like Hugo Boss tie is painted by Paul Smith !
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