BMW Unscripted Movie #4

Here is the fourth short movie from BMW! This time BMW made the movie based on motorcycle. Actually I was reluctant to add this video or not. But I wanted to add something different for once.
The movie took place in Antalya which is located south of Turkey. As you can see from the movie, Tiffany Coastes went around the world with a BMW motorcycle. But not with a BMW SUV !!! What we learn from this movie; if you are planning to go around the world, don’t prefer BMW X5. It may not wish to go around the world as you wish :)
I can say one thing about these movies, they definitely strength the bond between the brand and consumers. Even though you have no idea about cars, you will have sympathy towards BMW! Well Done! I don’t know which PR agency did this job, but they did it great.

I don’t know why but the last movie does not appear on BMW’s YouTube channel.

The details of journey can be found here!
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BMW, Tiffany Coastes