Hello Evoque: Istanbul

I never like to write about local topics in my blog, I would like to write thing which can be catch the interest of whole internet users. In other terms; think global, speak global! (I made this now) For that reason, I never discuss on very local issues but this time I would like to do it :)
I think most of my readers don’t know anything about my identity or who I am. This provided opportunity to be anonymous :) However it is not very hard to guess it from my name and from my Twitter account. So, you know where I am from. Turkey. And I would like to talk about Istanbul and Range Rove Evoque. No, I did not drive the Evoque in Istanbul :)
Now there is an exquisite campaign is going on with Range Rover Evoque. (Land Rover’s new small and luxury SUV vehicle which is placed under the Range Rover brand.) You can find many articles about Evoque in my blog, because I really love the vehicle. And this great SUV has a very eye-catching website called HelloEvoque.Com. This website linked to Pulse of the City mobile application and your routes are being uploaded to this website.
When this campaign first started, there were only couple of cities and I mentioned on my blog to add other cities such as Istanbul. I am not saying Istanbul because I am from Turkey, I am saying Istanbul because it is one of the unique cities on earth and it should be a part of the campaign. I don’t know whether the PR agency read my blog and changed their decision but now you can see the Istanbul as well!
However there is question mark on website. In other cities you can see various people who are involved with arts, music, acting or in journalism and they talk about their journey with Range Rover Evoque on that city! Hopefully the agency picked up really respectful people and avoided “popular culture” celebrities. Range Rover’s brand identity matches with the people. And it is good to avoid popular culture’s celebrities! You can see those people on everywhere, they are too much popular for their short popularity time-frame and it becomes unfortunate to see a good product with too much popular culture.
Since now Land Rover PR Team chosen very good profile and I do hope that they will do the same with Istanbul also. I do not wish to see some Turkish pop star celebrities or models or some people who may overlap with the Range Rover’s brand identity. I am sure that the Land Rover’s Turkish distributor Borusan Automotive’s PR firm will not a mistake like this.
I just want to express my feelings on this project :)
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