I was the Guest in a Fashion Blog

Yesterday was a milestone for me. Don’t think that I invented a new type of engine or a new technology to use the lovely vegetable salary as a fuel. Actually what I have done is not that exciting but for me it was the first time.
Couple of months ago my blogger friend Sıla asked me to contribute to her fashion blog called Fashion By Siu. Actually I had some articles about fashion and cars but I was looking for something more exciting for a fashion blog. Hopefully VW and Lagerfeld helped me to solve this problem. VW’s new advertisement turns into our mutual blog topic :) So, there is no problem of finding a topic for her blog.
The only thing is to translate my English written article to Turkish. It sounds a bit weird, my mother tongue is Turkish and I am writing in English and translate it to Turkish :) Reality of internet world!
So, I did translate the article and she immediately posted on her blog. Actually the way she used the photos are much better than I do :) I think I am a bit lazy on this thing or my low energy consuming processor is too slow these kinds of party tricks ;) Anyway, it was a good experience for me to write in a well-respected Turkish fashion blog.
Now I am asking my friend Sıla to contribute my blog :)
Here is the original:
The most stylish car by Karl Lagerfeld
Here is the Turkish one:
Karl Lagerfeld ile Volkswagen Reklamı

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