Mini Countryman in faux snow

Mini is not my favourite car brand. Despite its excellent drive train and go kart like driving experience, the design and its target group caused me to ignore it! Many times I tried to like the Mini but it never happened. In first generation, the engine was coming from Brazil and produced by Chrysler! This was not something very nice to see in a new car. Many people skipped this problem but it was the reason why Mini was eating petrol like nothing else. In second generation, the engine is replaced with PSA Group (Peugeot Citroën) engines and they are better but nothing has changed in terms of design. In addition, more snobs bought Mini and this was worse than Chrysler engine.
However Mini Clubman changed my view on Mini because I love the Rolls Royce style doors. And Clubman has one and it also has a Ford Transit style doors at the back. Clubman is the only vehicle which combines Ford Transit and Rolls Royce Phantom! The suicide door is a nice but the rest is the same! Hopefully, snobs did not like it that much :)
And lastly, Countryman. This sounds like an American V8 powered pickup! New Countryman with 6,2lt V8 engine with more loading and towing capacity and bigger than your neighbour’s house :) Unfortunately it was a semi SUV with interesting interior. Actually consumers identify Countryman, as a more comfortable Mini. Countryman offers easy access, more doors and bigger boots. Nobody would ever care about its incapable off road capabilities. And many car magazines compared Countryman with Volkswagen Golf and Skoa Yeti. Nothing can be worse than these.
The incapable off road capabilities, or should I say faux off road capability! When I watched the Mini Countryman’s advertisement on YouTube, I remembered the word faux! In advertisement, two people were trying to clean the “faux” snow from the road and the Mini Countryman (thanks to it “real” four wheel drive) destroys the wall of “faux” snow and surprises people. Unfortunately, there is no plastic snow on earth, all we see is foam glass or something like that. I think it is a product of petrol and being used in most for packing industry and for making fakes snows. (It used to be very popular but not anymore). So, what I learned from this advertisement? I still don’t like Mini and I have solid reasons and Mini Countryman offers excellent traction in faux snow :)
Despite the adverse conditions of Countryman, it has the best front look in whole Mini range. I really like the front design of Countryman. It is much much better than any other Mini!
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