Small spot in white shirt: Ford Mondeo

Have you ever had a spot in your white shirt or in your white dress? I mean a very small, tiny dot. It might be hard to spot by others but you knew that it is over there. This small spot which may not be recognized by other but it destroys the whole white.
What I have shown here is the same. A small spot in a white cloth! I am sure many of you may not understand this hook and why I am so disappointed with that. This hook is the most primitive thing in automotive industry. Many years ago, when an air hydraulic was not present in real world, automotive firms were using this hook to keep bonnet open. I do know that, nowadays nobody open the engine bonnet and looks what the things are there. However if you open the new Ford Mondeo’s engine bonnet (just for adding water to screen wiper), you have to hold the metal cover with one of your hand and at the same, you have to place the hook into its hole! And all these things mean one thing, your car is cheap! Nothing else. And this ridiculous and prehistoric looking hook is from new Ford Mondeo! The sexy one, the car which was driven by James Bond! This hook is the spot in white.
I cannot understand the logic behind this. Because, in previous Mondeo there were to hydraulics to hold the engine cover and you don’t have to do something stupid things when you open it. And Ford introduced a new model with an older technology. I do know that, this is called “profit maximization” and your engineers calculated or predicted that nobody ever be annoyed by this but I am annoyed. I am very serious, this thing destroys everything with the new Mondeo. Also I do know Ford is willing to shift Mondeo into higher consumer group by offering luxury. However luxury is a composition of small details, it is not just ventilated seats and hand stitched leathers.
Ford Mondeo is the best looking car on its segment, it drives excellent, but this small detail destroys everything. The translation of this detail is; “there might be some other cheap things which we may not see.” I know Ford Europe and Ford USA is reading my blog and I do hope that, you will take this serious.
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