Sorry Audi !!!

I have just watched the Audi A8’s US commercial and I can say one thing, it is excellent in terms of commercial but Audi cannot sell more cars then Mercedes S-Class. I do know that Audi’s main aim is to create a distinctive brand image between Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series but it is really hard. What do you offer Audi A8 different than S-Class or 7 Series? The most comfortable one is the Mercedes S-Class and most sportive one is BMW 7-Series. And also the most prestigious one is S-Class in most of the world. In terms of technology, Mercedes is the leader and economy BMW is the leader. So it is really hard!
Audi is trying it best and introduced a great A8 in all time but S-Class rules this segment! This is the real ugly truth! It is like Range Rover vs. whole SUV market.
My own choice ? BMW 7 Series, because it is the best looking!

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Hi Uygar, I do not agree with your positive view of that spot. Too much time is wasted on building old clishees, which the viewers might not even understand leaving them misguided. And in the end only a few words on the new Audi, which risk being overshawdowed by the previous messages. If you do comparative ads, do them right and to the point!

Thanks Roland for the feedback :) I will consider them in my next posts.

By the way, Audi A8 has really nice features like touch pad control :) And S-Class offers the “interesting” blue interior lighting :)

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