The good looking Mini: Paceman

Recently Mini released their best looking vehicle, Paceman. Actually it is a concept vehicle not yet in production but I can say one thing about it; the best looking Mini. I have never liked any Minis. They are not bad cars but I never liked their design, therefore they were not in my area of interest. However this new vehicle looks totally different. It is a descent coupe and looks really beautiful!
Mini calls this vehicle Sport Activity Coupe (SAC) which is three door version of Countryman. Don’t be fooled by the new definition. It shares the same platform with Countryman and offers four wheel drive, so that’s three door version of Countryman.
Unfortunately this Paceman will cause a serious trouble for consumers. Many consumers are not interested on cars that much and they first look at the design. So, Paceman will be compared with normal Mini models. In other words, Mini created a competitor for its own model range! Consumers will try to understand why to prefer Paceman instead of traditional one and marketing team will say many things which do not mean anything. On the other hand, Paceman will bring new customers to Mini, people like me who don’t like the current range but find Paceman is a really well designed car. But I don’t know how many people are thinking like me.
Again in terms of design; Mini Paceman is an adaption of BMW X6 for Mini! Nothing really special. They are both coupe styled vehicles and offer four wheel drive. Of course, Paceman offers three doors and optional four wheel drive but the design concept shares common identity. Therefore, I am predicting a different customer range for this vehicle.
Whatever Mini says SAC or anything else, it will be a competitor for Range Rover Evoque. But they satisfy totally different needs!