The most stylish car by Karl Lagerfeld

New Year’s Eve made a bit lazy. I was relaxed and I did not post anything in my blog. I think I need to give this kind of breaks time to time :)
Before I start on my post today, I need to give some brief information. Many of you may not know anything about Karl Lagerfeld. And some of you may say exactly this “Karl who?” This is a very common thing, especially in car blogs. So who is Karl? Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer living in Paris. He is well known as creative director of fashion brand Chanel. Also he owns his own brand Lagerfeld and also worked for Fendi. That’s enough for a car blog. Please Google him for more information, I am not a fashion expert.
Recently, Volkswagen introduced a new package called Style for Polo and Golf. Usual this “style” named packages are totally mess and dull! In addition, Polo and Golf are quite boring cars. So, combination of dull package with boring cars, ends up with a total boredom instead of freedom. However this time, everything has totally changed! Style package is introduced by Karl Lagerfeld. I know it does not sound interesting but in terms of fashion, these two cars are the most stylish cars currently on sale :) Nothing else on market is being introduced by Lagerfeld so, they are not stylish enough. Many people buy car for their “style”.
After this campaign, Audi A1 and A3 look like really boring :) Sorry but Audi A1 and A3 do not offer something special and stylish. Just four circles!
If you want to drive something stylish buy Polo and Golf with Style package.
Style package offers light alloy wheels, fog lamps, tinted side and rear windows and STYLE logo (this is really nice.) Style Plus package offers a sunroof or panorama roof and new alloy wheels.
In commercial he is being suprised by VW brand as it is made in Germany. He also adds, these cars should be in Paris!