The Stig in your bath

This is my first post from a mobile device. You might be wondering why I did this. And here is the reason. Recently I installed the Quick Office application to my iPhone and I wanted to submit a post via this mobile device.
This interesting way of submitting post should be completed with something really interesting. Hopefully TopGear provided me the idea. Thanks to their creative team, there are some interesting products in many stores across UK. I think some of you might have noticed these “very creative” pieces.
With these new products TopGear decided to enter your bathroom with Stig named soap and bathroom product. Our first product is The Stig Soap. When you finish your soap, this product gives the opportunity to touch a plastic Stig as a result of your cleanness. The second very creative product is a full size Stig body wash. With this product you can clean your body by taking out Stig’s helmet (I guess!). Again very creative!
And I have named all these products as Revenge of TopGear for Ben Collins. There are more products with the Stig, I will share them later :)
Posting a blog with a mobile device? Think again!
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