This is real!

Parking a car and placing it in a very good way is like cooking a thick sirloin beef without burning the meat! To avoid burning the meat, you need to burn many meats and have experience. This experience will develop your sense and you will know how long you should cook each part. This is very similar to parking a car. When you first start parking, you will look for very huge spaces, then you will find medium size spaces and finally you will be parking a space which is only twenty centimetres bigger than your car. But each time, parking is something annoying, look left, look right, look there, look here! Similar to cooking! You must look to everywhere all the time.
For many years, I was wondering will it be possible to see a car parking by itself. It sounded very science fiction for many years. Actually parking sensor was a revolution in automotive business and it was very expensive. Everyone said parking sensors changed everything and they did it. Now it is nearly impossible to park without the sensors unless you have a very well trained sixth sense. I think Volkswagen understood this problem and focused on self-parking technology. They did not wish us to develop our sense :)
Many of you might have heard of automatic parking systems and they sound a bit useless. You need to press this and do that and wait. Lexus has a very useless system as a matter of fact but Volkswagen has something really intelligent. I never thought that a car can park like and it would be entertaining. And this happened with VW Passat. Last week I had a test drive with new Passat and I wanted to try the auto parking function. For the first time it is a bit complicated; you have to signal to right and drive slow and then party starts! Passat recognizes the empty spot and tell you, let’s do it.
Honestly, it is working brilliantly. You don’t need to worry for anything, everything is under the control of German made Passat. You only need to press throttle and press brake that’s all, and change the gear. I think it would be easier as you use it more often. Even though, it was amazing for the first. Again, this systems works excellently, go and buy it :) Unfortunately, there is a no auto cooking for beefs.
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