Top Gear service on eBay

For Monday, I had totally something different to write but I found something rather more interesting!
I found an eBay auction for “Guide to being in Audience if you get Top Gear Tickets”. This auction does not sell or give free tickets, it is just giving your logistical and tactical knowledge if you planning to boost your ego during the TopGear shooting!
Hopefully, this interesting service is only for £2 (€2.3, $4). As mentioned in bidding, it will be only three A4 papers providing the very important knowledge on these topics listed below. And hopefully the %50 of the auction will be given to Ellen MacArthur Trust.
My comment on this service is no comment!

1. Getting tickets
2. What to wear
3. When to arrive
4. What to expect
5. Timing
6. Capacity
7. Catering services & prices on site
8. Toilet facilities
9. Where to stand to get the best chance of being in shot
a) Where to stand in the crowd to get at the front of the queue to go in
b) Where to stand once inside
10. Tips on getting autographs/pictures
11. Layout of Studio
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