Volvo S60’s lovely merchandises

I was planning to write something else for today but my blogger friend Sila sent me something which I could not avoid it :) Actually this is the most remarkable thing about a car :)
It was about Volvo and its lunatic level of brand extensions strategy. Sila is a fashion blogger and she has nothing to do with cars except driving them! As you can imagine the situation is so serious.
Volvo’s new “eye-catching” model S60 packed with attitude and driving pleasure (I don’t know how you pack a car with attitude and driving pleasure) is offering nail polishes. You didn’t read wrong, Volvo S60 has nail polishes as a brand extension strategy and it can be bought from Volvo’s merchandise store.
It offers three differently pleasuring colours! 612 R-Design Red, 481 Cosmic White, 704 Vibrant Copper, 487 Ember Black. And they are being offered by a very reasonable price of €18 (£15) but the red is cheaper €10 (£8)!
I don’t have any knowledge on nail polish colour codes but as far as I understood these codes are the Volvo S60’s colour codes. And from the press release I can understand that, when you buy a Volvo S60 with these colours you are supposed to buy the same colour nail polish!
“Volvo is probably the first car maker in the world to market nail polish. We wanted to do something a bit different, with a touch of humour and a little unexpected twist for the launch of the new car, while at the same time offering our female target group an unusual product,” says Yvonne Hall Tobiasson, Merchandise & Licensing manager at Volvo Cars’ Global Marketing department
From this point of view, I can clearly say one thing. Volvo S60 is the best female car of the century :)
By offering nail polish a part of brand extension strategy, Volvo ticked the female section in S60’s gender section and definitely avoided many male customers. I really wonder the male “potential” customers’ interpretation of these products :) When you check their website for S60, it is full of testosterone hormone :)
And from old days, Volvo S60 had a very impressive show to press and with these colours we can polish it better :)

White, Copper and Black


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