Future prediction for Louis Vuitton

Today I was not planning to post anything on my blog but thanks to Louis Vuitton, I changed my mind. I have just noticed the Louis Vuitton watches on GQ Magazine and I wondered who is making them! Unless the brand is not a watch manufacturer, someone is making it!
I am pretty sure with this case also. Louis Vuitton has an agreement with a company to produce this watch. And usually, that would be a division of Swatch. Interestingly, there is no information about this. It is only mentioned LV 119 movement and that’s all. Very descriptive. Also there is nothing on internet! I assume, this movement produced by a brand of LVMH. We all know that LV is a brand of LVMH Group, and this group have some watches manufacturers :) And I found my answer.
Tambour XL Spin Time Automatic is produced by unknown watch manufacturer or Louis Vuitton has a new division for watch manufacturing. If so, with this ambition LV can produce a car! Would I buy? Of course not! I would like to know who is making this watch, if I am going to pay € 30,000

If they could produce an automatic watch with their staff, they can produce anything! An automatic watch is one of the most complicated and sophisticated piece on earth. And making it working for long years is the key point! I won’t be shocked to see a car with LV engine!

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