How to wear a BMW 5 Series ?

Today on Twitter, some people mentioned about the lunatic pricing strategies of fashion brands. With this motivation I did some research on internet, basically on Net-A-Porter website. And I found very interesting things!
Thanks to fashion brands, now you can wear a BMW 528i model on your body. I am not joking, there is a possibility to wear a BMW, thanks to fashion designers finance departments. BMW 528i is a 3-litre petrol engine which produces 258 horse powers with the top speed of 250 kph (155 mph)! This BMW is not an entry level model; it offers leather seats, lots of airbags, brake energy regeneration system, lots of electronic systems, air conditioning, heated seats, central lock and etc. And all these things are only costs £34 455 (€40 490, $55 145).
And let’s talk about the BMW 528i which I made on Net-A-Porter.
The dress; Alexander McQueen Embroidered silk-jacquard cape with a price tag of £28 660 (€33 680, $45 870)
The shoes; Gucci Python ankle boots with a price tag of £1 190 (€1 398, $1 904)
The handbag; Chloé Emma alligator shoulder bag with a price tag of £5 805 (€6 821, $9 290)
And the total is £35 655 (€41 900, $57 066)
As you can see, it is very easy to wear a BMW on your body. You don’t have to be very strong to handle the weight.
I did not add any jewellery or anything else, I did my best to match the colours :)
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