Kylie Minogue, Range Rover and Pyramids

Recently a new Kylie Minogue album has released, Aphrodite. I didn’t have chance to listen the album but its cover is really amazing! And I confused when I first heard of Kylie Minogue. Actually it was around in mid 1990s and she was looking stunning and very young. Years has passed grew up, many things changed on earth but she still remained the same! Nothing has changed with her look, she stills looks stunning and young :)
So Kylie’s revenge against time reminded two things. One Pyramids and second Range Rover. These two things on earth never look old or out of date. Pyramids are still state of art engineering and architecture miracle, despite their very plain triangle design, they are most eye catching human made structures. Even though there are some taller buildings than Pyramids, they could not replace their place.
And also Range Rover, this current model was introduced in 2001 and it is beyond average vehicle life cycle time frame. Usual life cycle for European cars are seven years and they always been replaced with a new model. However Range Rover only had several facelifts and strengths its place on market. Even though if you see a 2001 model, it never looks old and it won’t look old. (Kylie Minogue Aphrodite)
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