Mercedes G-Klasse vs. UAZ Hunter in terms of advertisement :)

This started with SUV and keeps going with SUVs. Last week I found a very very interesting advertisement on YouTube. Again on YouTube, I agree I watch YouTube more than TV. Actually I cannot watch TV in UK, people who live in UK understand the joke :) Anyway, YouTube suggested me a video (I really don’t know why YouTube suggested this video) and it was really worth watching!
This suggested advertisement is a copy of Mercedes-Benz G Class advertisement which was aired in US. It is the same one, nothing is different except the vehicle. Instead of Mercedes-Benz G Class, here we have UAZ Hunter. UAZ is a Russian car manufacturer and they have a model called Hunter.
I think PR agency did not hire any creative team to maximize profit and directly focused on Mercedes’s advertisement. I am not saying anything more, just watch both of them.
Additional information: Mercedes-Benz G Class is one of the real off road vehicle on sale today. It is really annoying to drive in daily basis but in terms of travelling places with no road, this is the best thing!