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Mercedes London Fashion Week 2011

As I always mentioned this blog is not for just cars. I like to write things which are related with cars and hopefully Mercedes-Benz is helping me on this :)
This month Mercedes-Benz London Fashion Week is starting. It will be between 18 – 23 February in London. Unfortunately I am not able to give a feedback about the collection, because this is not my expertise area. But I can say one thing, their schedule is a bit complicated. On website these dates are given but you can see the LFW 2011 collection videos at the same. I couldn’t understand this!
I am sure one thing for LFW, Mercedes-Benz will be placing its ugly looking “vintage design” Mercedes SLS AMG to everywhere, models will be taking photos with the cars, everyone will be saying “this is a great car” and etc, etc, etc, etc! If you are looking for a vintage, place a diesel Mercedes produced between the years 1968 – 1976. This would be a proper vintage with black smoke.
In my opinion, they should place something different this year. Like, Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6×6 Truck. This thing is the toughest truck on earth, on the other hand it looks much better than the SLS AMG. I really wonder if fashion people see a truck in LFW, what would be their expression :)
If you wish to keep up with the event, you can follow from Twitter and also install the iPhone application.
Mercedes-Benz UK London Fashion Week

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