Porsche Design Underwear

I was wondering how Porsche Design can challenge the boundaries of product line extension. From mega yachts to whole kitchen design are the boundaries of Porsche Design. However they did not feel comfortable with all these and they decide to introduce something more elegant. Underwear!

I have just spotted Porsche Design underwear in online store of Adidas. I can understand everything from pencil to kitchen furniture but underwear! Who wants to wear a Porsche as underwear! I really wonder why they trying to push the artificial creativity for their clothing section. Current collection is adequate to generate money, many people buy Porsche Design clothes but underwear. This is the most pointless invention from the Porsche. And interestingly they did not offer their best colour, the grey! With price of €36, £32, $50

And some comments from fashion bloggers;

@ffffashiomixxxx: yuk, disgusting’s-Seamless-Boxer/detail.jsf

If they are still struggling to find a new idea, I have one. Porsche Design coffee beans, with this product consumer can experience the feeling of 911 while drinking a cup of coffee. Actually, there is one possibility. They can offer four different coffees. First one will be the cheap one and does not offer something really special expect being light taste, Boxster. Second one will be a bit more expensive than the first one and offers a bit stronger taste. Third one will have twenty different variations under it and it will reflect 911. It will be more expensive, stronger, distinctive taste and smell and twenty different types. Fourth one will have less caffeine, more relaxing, beans will be light brown coloured and also size of the beans should be huge. Last one will be exotic one from a mysterious part of the world, when you drink this coffee you will smell and taste something really different does not have relationship with the rest of the range. And it will be called Cayenne!

You welcome to use my coffee idea and if you could manage to product 5 + 20 different coffees, please send one set :)

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