VW Touareg vs. Range Rover video with some mistakes !!!

Honestly I really like Volkswagen vehicles, they are really well built, and they offer good features with reasonable price. Actually sometimes overpriced but still deserves that money. But they look boring, most of them looking boring. Except GTi models, I would not buy any VW with emotional reasons.
Recently VW USA released a video for new Touareg on YouTube. And it is comparing the Touareg with an unknown brand which sounds like it is from UK! Let’s guess the brand; Bentley (They don’t offer SUV), Lotus (No SUV), Rolls Royce (No SUV), Land Rover (Lots of SUV). Actually the video is comparing Touareg with Range Rover. (Range Rover is a brand of Land Rover.)
The scenario is really creative, I appreciated the PR team but they did lots of mistakes! I guess they did not read the Range Rover’s option list and features. Let’s start with first feature of Range Rover; Terrain Response! And it is not available on Touareg! I never seen a knob to select the terrain surface to alter the vehicle’s driving dynamics; such as braking and throttle response. In other words, with Range Rover you can off road even if you have no idea of what is the meaning off road. And secondly, the Touareg without off road, it is totally useless! Don’t every try off road because it cannot do it. The Range Rover offers, Low Range gear box and central differential lock. This means, you can handle with serious off road. With Touareg, you can park on sidewalks in terms of off road! (You need to pay for extra to have off road package with Touareg and it comes with six (6) speed auto transmission not eight (8) !)

Then the seats, Range Rover offers leather and heated seats as standard! This is not Suzuki Vitara! Also air suspension is standard, this helps to raise and lower the vehicles and travel with comfort. I guess it is optional in Touareg. Also Range Rover offers 8 speed automatic transmission. Sorry VW, you are not the only product with 8 speed auto because it is produced a by firm called ZF not by VW!

The CD player in Touareg, very nice :) If we were in 1995, it would sound a very good feature but now even the Chinese cars offer CD player. And what are you going to be with dual SD card reader? I really wonder :) Also Range Rover offers ventilated seats, electrically adjustable rear seats, Autobiography bespoke programme to create your unique Range Rover with endless colour scheme.
And lastly, you buy a Range Rover! Addition to these features, a car which never looks old or looks out-dated. Just look around, have you ever seen an out-dated Range Rover, I think the previous Touareg was outside from the first moment :)
I don’t have any negative feelings with Touareg but I would never buy it. On the other hand, it really offers state of the art technologies but the PR firm should have studied the Range Rover better!!! It is really tough competitors. In other words, if you are planning to construct a building more impressive than Pyramids, you have to study really well !

Range Rover USA Website

(Old Touareg)