We want to see more series from Italian Passion :) (Alfa Rome)

Alfa Romeo’s Can You Handle Italian Passion campaign made record viewers in my blog! I can easily say one thing, Alfa Romeo should reveal this campaign to global market :) In my opinion, this is one of the most creative automotive campaign for long time and it will be remembered. Alfa Romeo MiTo’s character transferred to story very well. I think the people in PR team know the car very well! This campaign expresses the MiTo’s both feminine and masculine design concept. Woman has clemency which represents the feminine side and anger which represent masculine side. Unless, these kinds of similarity cannot be made easily.
I have an idea for Alfa Romeo UK and Alfa Romeo Spa (Italy). This campaign should be followed by series of different experience with the same Italian lady on different places. For instance, you can meet her in Eurostar while travelling to Paris and you might have a nice conversation while eating your meals or you might end up with a well done beef on your face! Or, you can notice the same lady in a department store in Istanbul and try to make conversation and try to avoid the high heels to end up in your back! There are lots of stories which can be generated around this concept and it will definitely increase the brand awareness of MiTO and increase the competitive advantage.
Why? Because, it will receive a huge attention and people spend more and more time with this interactive campaign and at the same time, they will get use to Alfa Romeo MiTo more and more, actually they will create an emotional bond with the vehicle. The sexual character of the campaign directly effects our primitive behaviour and we will start feeling emotions to MiTo, in other words MiTo will be in our sub-conscious part ;) Anyway, enough with too much details.
I know that Alfa Romeo UK and Fiat Spa will read this post and I do hope that they will increase the budget and make this campaign global. Lastly, the series should end up somewhere nobody would ever think of ;) If you wish to know my end, just contact with me :) (Kidding!)
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