A Break for Geneva Motor Show

Geneva motors show just started and on internet everyone is talking about the new models, technologies and many things about cars. As you know from my blog, I don’t like to repeat the same things. And I would like to summarize the this year’s Geneva Motor Show, more efficient engines, better fuel economy, lighters vehicles. I know they all mean the same but every brand loves to repeat these words. Basically nothing has changed, Ferrari offers a weird commercial vehicle look car called FF which I already mentioned. Toyota has uglier car as something new, Renault is Renault and still don’t know how to manufacture a proper clutch pedal and offers an electric car, Peugeot 508 has lots of feature which may not work properly after two months. Therefore I would like to post something totally different. And with this post, I hope female blog readers might read about car while looking the Harvey Nichols Birmingham Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Show!!

It was a great show :) And if you still wonder about Ferrari please click here!

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