Best way to waste your money: CL65 AMG

I think since 2003, there is something called Mercedes 65 AMG! The catastrophe of automotive engineering, and expression of Mercedes’s dullness on perfection. CL65 was available in previous model and also in current model (unfortunately). This weird car has 12 cylinders and produced 612 horse powers! Anything figure about this car is ultimately ridiculous. There is no need mention them here. However there is one thing should be mentioned, its price!
One day if you lose your mind, and decide to spend £ 160 000 on a car which has more option than anything on earth, Mercedes CL65 AMG is your car. You pay this amount of money and you get the plain car and you have to add at least %20 extra to have everything. I know in Ferrari, they also ask for money for yellow brake callipers but that’s a Ferrari! I can understand.
On the other hand, for £ 160 000 you can easily buy an Aston Martin DB9 Coupe which offers everything as standard. Many of Mercedes fanatics will say, but Aston Martin does not have crash collision system! Because, in an Aston Martin you don’t fall asleep and crash the car in front of you. You feel the passion, even if you slept for four hours last night, when you see a DB9 and when you hear it; you would definitely wake up! I am not sure for CL65 AMG offers the same effects. Also Mercedes CL65 AMG is not a stylish car!!!!
Anyway, if you have lots of money and willing to buy something which can show your lack of automotive knowledge; just buy a Mercedes with 65 AMG written on the back :) If you dying to buy a CL, just buy CL 63 AMG. Because, it is more usable! It offers less power but you can control it ;)

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