Blue Mercedes

As I said last week, I was planning to post only photos on Wednesdays. As usual, I check Daimler’s website which is the main company of Mercedes-Benz. And again I found something really interesting.
For decades Mercedes developed it ability to offer extremely limited range of colour on extremely priced cars! Whenever you look at a Mercedes brochure, the colours are mainly black, black, black, black, grey, grey, grey, grey, white, and sometimes they offer red or blue but rarely! But they know how to differentiate grey in one hundred tones and promote it like something different. Actually nobody can identify the difference between iridium silver metallic and palladium silver metallic.
With this approach to colouring, Daimler’s 2010 annual report is extremely colourful! It is so colourful, you cannot even read it! Titles, contents and some parts of the texts were written with a blue which makes it impossible to read. I think they never tried to read the document on a computer screen. I can only make this assumption, because it is impossible to read! I hope next year, the text colours will be preferred from a Mercedes car brochure.
Here is the Daimler AG’s 2010 Annual Report

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