BMW M3! Oppsss, that’s our logistical support vehicle!

BMW M3: This week there was something really interesting on internet, BMW M3 pick-up! Many websites suggested it was a new concept vehicle and it is under testing stage. Lots of people blogged, tweeted and comment about this weird looking vehicle. As a result of this superb motivation it ended up with nearly seven millions of Google search result. I am sure that, it did not happen in couple of days but during one-week time, it boosted the postings

After this unexpected pictures, BMW recently announced that M3 pickup is used only for logistical support and nothing more than that! That’s not true, with those pictures BMW engaged with word-of-mouth on social media and this means, free advertisement and increase on motivation to seek for BMW. Usually this is achieved by expensive ad campaigns but this time, BMW just showed its “logistical support” vehicle and let others to advertise on BMW! Excellent strategy and is shows that BMW knows the power of social media and how it can help to promote it brand.

By the way, in couple of years later, we can see a pick-up version of M3. In automotive world, nothing is impossible. In 2002 Porsche said, we will never use diesel engines in our product range and now they have diesel Cayenne and planning on diesel Panamera. Don’t be shocked if you see a pickup version of M3 in a dealer.

Lastly if it was a logistic vehicle, why it is under camouflaged? And why drivers are wearing helmets?

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