Ford Fiesta with two air conditions!

New Ford Fiesta is one of the best looking cars on its segment. When you think about its price and its design level, it is really a great car to buy. Also, Ford recently added some new features like rear view camera, key less access, new sound system and some other things. The most interesting one is the air conditioning!
When you look at the Ford Fiesta’s UK web site, you can see that Ford was really excited while preparing the list. Because, you can have two individual air conditioning system in a Fiesta! And also you can choose manual or automatic for each one. More interestingly, first manual condition is standard on Edge model and second one is not available.
Of course, Fiesta does not offer two air conditions. Someone totally messed up the list and got confused. It is really obvious, they just repeated the same option with different condition! I see, you were in hurry but pay a bit more attention. You cannot offer an air condition, standard and not available at the same time.
I still like Fiesta, if they offer a double clutch automatic, instead of primitive four speed one, that would be a great pleasure to drive it ;)

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