Global Four Wheel Drive

Last one decade we heard this phrase all the time, “global warming.” I am not going to discuss about this here. But I noticed something a bit interesting!
During last one decade, automotive firms started to offer something quite opposite to global warming, four wheel drive option for passenger vehicles. As we all know that, global warming means there will be warmer weather and less snow! This means, we don’t need four wheel drive, single axle traction will be adequate.
Interestingly, automotive firms thought totally something else and started to expand the four wheel drive option across the whole passenger vehicle range. Especially Mercedes and BMW did this very well! You can have four wheel drive option nearly in each model.
Honestly I really like the four wheel drive passenger vehicles, there are more stable and you don’t have to worry about any adverse weather condition.
In reality, we still have very tough winter and lots of snow all over the world. Actually in some countries, there were enormous amount snows. As a result of this very noticeable condition, the demand for four wheel passenger cars increased! Because, people feel more confident when they have traction on four wheels.
My advice from this condition, Jaguar should not focus on an SUV model. Instead of this, they should focus on four wheel drive option in XF and XJ models. I know you will say, there was an X-Type with four wheel drive. But the X-Type was the worst thing ever happened to Jaguar, and it was based on a Ford Mondeo and it was front wheel drive and it was not that good either. So, current vehicle range of Jaguar is more suitable for four wheel drive.
Mercedes calls four wheel drive system as 4MATIC and BMW calls it xDrive. Audi already had the Quattro for very long time.
PS: Four wheel drive option in Mercedes and BMW may not able available in right hand drive models!
For more information please visit the German website of Mercedes and BMW