Maybach, just Maybach!

I don’t like to talk about the same brand all time but sometimes, I break this rule. Seven years ago, I saw the Maybach with my eyes and it was standing in front me. I still remember the every moment with that unbelievable car. Maybach had the every technology, incredible comfort at back seats, amazing quality. Nevertheless, it did not have enough stamina to catch the Rolls Royce Phantom and it was obvious from the beginning.

I wanted to look at Maybach’s website to see, are there anything new !?! Unfortunately, nothing is new. I remember the 2004 again, the technology, the design, the quality remind the same. I salute the PR agency, which made the website and the content, because it is describing every technology like something new. But most of the technology is not new, actually it is out of date!

The most eye-catching part of the website is Five Speed Automatic Transmission. It was first introduced in 1997 and Mercedes kept in production until now in E Class. In 1997, it was a great technology but time has passed and five speed automatic became something really old. Now the competitors offer up to eight speed! This means, less emissions, less noise, better acceleration and refined driving. Mercedes is trying to get rid of this old gearbox but it will take more time. I think many people can ignore this fact in E Class but when it comes to Maybach (Costs lots of money), it is serious issue.

This technology is out of date and it cannot be placed in a car, which is targeting Rolls Royce and Bentley. They both offer much better technology. In terms of manufacturing, it is really hard to this kind of fundamental part of the car but they have to do it. Of course, it won’t change their sales figure but at least it will be an afford!

In my opinion, until 2013 nothing would change in Maybach and its sales figure will go down, down and down!

Original text from the website
“In addition, this transmission features a torque converter lockup clutch, which can also be engaged in the lower partial load and speed range. Rapid adaptation of the transmission to the prevailing situation is made possible by continuous electronic comparison of different influencing factors such as rolling resistance (load, gradient) or driver reactions (accelerator movement, frequency of manual gearshifts, the vehicle’s longitudinal or lateral acceleration).

A program selector button allows the driver to choose between the “S” (Standard) and “C” (Comfort) shift programs. For better control when starting, “C” mode features second-gear start and a higher reverse gear.

Further features include a mechanical lock which prevents the vehicle from rolling away when the selector lever is in position “P”, as well as a preventive measure against unauthorised operation of the selector lever.”

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