Range Rover Autobiography iPad Edition

Another Range Rover is revealed in Geneva Motorshow. This new model is Range Rover Autobiography iPad Edition, sorry!!! Ultimate Edition. Very basically, this new model is a sign of Land Rover’s ambition to position the Range Rover into upper segment to compete with any potential SUV from Bentley or Aston Martin. For long years, Range Rover perceived as a luxury SUV but never been sophisticated like an Aston Martin or Bentley or Rolls Royce.
However, Aston Martin revealed a concept SUV and Bentley can reveal an SUV based on Audi Q7 at any moment. Therefore Range Rover has to be redefined. This new Ultimate Edition will turn Vogue into a very plain model. This edition has lots of highly crafted wood everywhere inside the car which I love very much :) The rear seat are only two, no room for third person. And this seating strategy is a clear signal of Range Rover’s future strategy. Like in Rolls Royce, Bentley and Maybach the rear seats are totally a different world. There are exquisite cup holders, again lots of leather and wood. Individual weather control buttons, buttons to play with your seats position. And there are two iPads with Bluetooth keyboards. Apple charges extra money for Bluetooth keyboards! These iPads has a tiny problem, are they going to be iPad 1 or iPad 2? I know this sounds really stupid but when you pay a lot of money for a car, you wish to have every equipment is latest ones, not from the warehouse. Probably those iPad will be second generation.
I think this new Range Rover “Bentley and Aston Martin, I am coming with iPad” edition will definitely increase the sales figures of Land Rover!

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