Range Rover with more fashion

The best thing about automotive industry is, you can learn different brands all the time. I am sure many fashion addicted people knew this brand but I have just discovered it by Range Rover, Marchesa. When I first read this brand, it did not remind me anything. I had nothing to write or say. My brain searched for data but the result was no files found!
Marchesa is a British brand found by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig in 2004. It is quite new, actually as old as the Discovery 3! Anyway, when I checked their website I realized why I never heard of this brand. They only design night dressed and it is quite impossible see them at day time.
The reason why I mentioned here, Georgina’s video on Land Rover website. She described the Range Rover much better than many car fanatics, actually better than many dealers. She highlighted the diversifying character of Range Rover very simply and clearly. You can watch the video below and summary is Range Rover is made of pure luxury!
Okay, I know Germans offer much better technology, this obvious but they are leak of product soul and adequate luxury. I have never seen a BMW X5 with these luxury details.

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