Saab, Volvo, Nokia and IKEA: Management Issues

For many years, we adore the Scandinavian brands. They always had something different than the others! Volvo was the safest car, Saab’s technology was transferred from aerospace, and Nokia was the stylish. As you might noticed, I used past tense! Because, they all left in the past. Now Volvo is not the safest car manufacturer, fortunately every brand is safe. Saab has nothing to offer, except being Saab. Nokia is having last good days in mobile phones business and being beaten up by just one product.
Now what is next? Ikea! Just remember the last decades and how all those Scandinavian brands were glamour. But now, they lost all their fame. Okay, Volvo is getting better but there is a huge gap between the other brands and Volvo.
From all these brands, I noticed one thing in common. Scandinavian firms are really innovative and good at design, but ignore the whole world! Your brands may be the best, but we are not living in your region. So, we do not think like you. And Scandinavian firms are not that good at predicting the future and upcoming trends. I think in one decade Ikea can face the similar problems like Nokia and others. I hope they will realize what is going wrong and before things go wrong.

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