Very Green Range Rover

I know that some people really don’t like SUV, they can say lots of reason to express their hate towards these vehicles. I am not going to argue with those arguments. However Range Rover Evoque has something really creative :)

Range Rover’s new model Evoque, small Range Rover, offer very low levels of CO2 for an SUV vehicle. But they didn’t stop here! Now they are offering something really green. They are not offering any very special green colour, they are offering bike carrier for roof.

You are buying Range Rover Evoque, one of the smallest SUV on market to fit anywhere in a city and you decide to ride bike. However there is a problem, with your luxury clothes you may not wish to take the bike down from the roof. Honestly, I have no idea how you can lift a bike on a roof on of an SUV. That person has to be something similar to Hercules and those guys usual do not fit to small SUVs.

If you wish to be green and be more green, buy Evoque with roof bike carrier!

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Land Rover