Audi A What

As we all know that cars do not have the technology to be in stealth mode. Especially luxury brands, it is nearly impossible to ignore them. I am sure that, if it is possible to have stealth mode in cars, it won’t work with luxury brands. They are theoretically and practically impossible to ignore. They are designed for this; they have to show their price, reflect the wealth of the customer and diversify their selves from the other cars at any condition.
Unfortunately, this theory does not work with new Audi “A What?” model. Audi did not reveal a new model called “A What”. Actually new A6 is the A What? New Audi A6 is nearly impossible to be identified at anytime and mostly at night! Last week I saw a new A6 and I wasn’t sure whether it is the new one or not.
It looks the same as A4, similar to A8 but you can diversify by their size (Hopefully!). Front look is a photocopy of A4, it does not look big and it does not look really different from the previous model. I know it offers lots of new technologies and nice interior but exterior is not that good. I was expecting to see something really sensational but it is just a interpretation of A4 and old A6, that’s all.
Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 Series and Jaguar XF look much much better than the new A6. And this proofs that, Audi targets to a new market! People who want to own luxury cars but do not wish to be spotted! Here it is the new Audi A6, the best way to go stealth mode.
Karl Lagerfeld has a bag, which say “Karl who?” Because many people gives that reaction, when you say his name. And he found a very nice solution to this. I think A6 should have a package like this, A What Package with matte black, black wheel, black leather and extreme matte black car cover!

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Me, Audi and Karl Lagerfeld