Keenan Cahill and Fiat 500

When I think about the one decade, the Internet technology changed many things even though we could not realise it properly. We can share any moment of our life with our mobile phone through Twitter, YouTube or Facebook. We can even publish our book through blogs! Especially YouTube allowed us to create our own global TV channel. Technically, when you open your YouTube channel, you have your own TV channel. I cannot guarantee about the ratings but you have the whole internet audience for you.

Recently I discovered someone called Keenan Cahill on YouTube. He opened his YouTube channel and received more than two hundred millions viewers and took videos with 50cent, Jennifer Aniston, David Guetta, and Katty Perry celebrate his birthday with a video. Basically, he is a YouTube sensation! Unfortunately, he has an illness but this adverse condition did not stop his ambition and passion. Like many people I respected his performance. Sorry, I forgot to mention what he is doing on YouTube. He is lip-syncing songs, but his style is amazing and received two hundred millions of hits!

Now Fiat is focused on 500 model for USA. This car is something really unusual for US Market. Fiat 500 is introducing something totally unexpected for US and focused to increase the attention. My suggestion is; Fiat can make videos with Keenan for 500. Fiat 500 is a part of popular culture and Keenan is one of the most popular people on YouTube. He is incredibly creative and he is really passionate for his work. I cannot thing anyone better for fiat 500! Passion and creativity!

His Website:
His Twitter:!/keenancahill

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Keenan Cahill and Fiat