Proper Ferrari Watches

I think there is no one on this planet who does not know that Ferrari sells millions of product with it badge on them and charging lots of money. And people like me go and but the! We know the trick but Ferrari knows how to play the game.

Nearly for six years Ferrari offers watches in their stores. Usually they have a very cheap mechanism and they cannot be considered the as a good watch! I know, because I have one and broke down twice. Hopefully it is does not have the Ferrari DNA, in terms of servicing. Because, the mechanism is extremely cheap. There is no need to worry!!

Ferrari did not stop selling this type of watches but finally they revealed the Panerai series of watches. For those of who don’t know the Panerai, it is one of the best watch manucfacturer place in Switzerland and they offer automatic mechanisms in their watches. This means, the watches are product of high engineering, unlike battery powered watches they have a very complicated system and you don’t need to replace their battery. Therefore, they are more respected in terms of watch business!!! As they have a very intensive manufacturing process, their prices are not similar to battery powered quartz watches.

This new series priced around 5000 €, which is very expensive for many of us but in terms of watch world, they have a normal and may be cheaper!! Actually, Panerai is not a cheap brand and they are very expensive in dealers as they add lots of profit. If you planning to buy a state of art watch, just buy from Ferrari store, it would be the best option.

If you are planning to buy one, click visit Ferrari’s online store.

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